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May 22, 2021


Team Code Photo Time Team Name Divison Coach Asst. Coach
1 7:50 AM Toxic Senior Brandon Alvarez Matt Kurlle
2 8:00 AM Titanium Senior Jamie DeWitt Eric Stern
3 8:05 AM Monsters Juniors Jackie Strong Jen Beck Watts
4 8:15 AM Cubs Ponytails Joe Fiortia Mark McCormick
5 8:20 AM Tsunami Ponytails Jenny Boffy Alan Grundy
6 8:30 AM Valkyries T-Ball Jonathan Norvell  
7 8:35 AM Sequin Mermaids T-Ball Nick Santero Mandy Draper
8 8:45 AM Giants Ponytails Mike Holmlund Alison Holmlund
9 9:00 AM Super Sonic T-Ball Nicki Santero Amy Adams
10 9:15 AM White Sox Ponytails Jason McGough Matt Draper
11 9:30 AM Purple Unicorns T-Ball Monica Einadui Josh Bostock
12 10:00 AM Hurricanes Senior Robert Aldana Jeff Helmond
13 10:15 AM Banshees Senior Julie Graff Melissa Finsthwait
14 10:30 AM The Evergreens Juniors Katie Flanagan Heather Dilworth
16 11:00 AM Pink Unicorns Ponytails Nick Torres Alison Wright
17 11:15 AM Mischief Ponytails John Marlow Dan Underwood
18 11:30 AM Tide Seniors Travis Rebbert Dave Erickson
19 11:45 AM Sharks Juniors Matt Dreon David Lesinak
20 12:00 PM Mischief Makers Juniors Adam Cosner Dan Benedetti


by posted 04/29/2021
Protocols for Playing

 SVGS Back to the Ballpark 


DISCLAIMER: Participants, parents, family, and spectators engaging in softball and activities related to softball do so with knowledge of the risk and potential exposure involved and agree to accept any and all inherent risks to their personal health. If any member of SVGS coach, player or parent has any questions or concerns regarding COVID 19 or reporting cases please contact Lisa Kurrle MA at 831-359-5953




In these unprecedented times, Scotts Valley Girls Softball strives to protect the integrity of the game while also providing a safe environment for all involved. Participants, umpires and spectators should not attend practice or games if they are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever etc. they should not attend until such time as the participant has been tested and/or cleared. 



1. Markers will be placed on the ground to ensure social distancing between customers.  

2. All concession workers will wear masks and gloves 



1. Public Park guidelines will be followed regarding bathrooms.

2. Hand Sanitizer will be in each dug out area.

3. COVID-19 recommendations and rules will be posted throughout the park.    

4. Spectators are encouraged to bring their own chairs. 

5. We highly recommend immediate family only at games & practices. 

6. Masks must be worn on and off the field this includes players coach’s & umpires.

7. League members will always wear a mask when they are in contact with spectators, participants, or coaches


Team Rules


Players must provide their own bottled water marked clearly with name. Prohibited from pre-game & post-game handshakes/high fives. (Teams may line up on their respective foul lines and wave or cheer) 


  1. Must properly wear masks at all times while at the park, including during games. 
  2. Should always properly wear masks in between games while at the facility. 
  3. No huddles. Players that gather at the pitchers circle should stay outside the circle maintaining social distance.
  4. No sharing of helmets


  1. Must always properly wear masks while in the park including and during games.
  2. If coach visits the pitcher all other players should stay outside the pitching circle.  Only one coach allowed during the conference while maintaining social distance. 
  3. Coach’s meeting One coach from each team and must stay 6 feet apart. Suggested to be outside the width of each batter’s box.
  4. No athletes allowed. 
  5. Lineup cards to scorekeeper can be shared via photo or text 
  6. Teams will use their own designated warm up balls and sanitize in between innings if the ball leaves the field of play 
  7. (1) New ball will be supplied still in wrapper or box for each game by league.


  1. Each dugout will be marked with safe distance markers.
  2. Those players out of the dugout should be directly behind the dugout observing social distance.
  3. Hand Sanitizing stations will be located in each dugout it is recommended that players use them coming on & off the field.  



  1. We recommend the wearing masks while at the park and ask that you restrict fans to immediate household members of the participants whenever possible.
  2. Should always follow social distancing guidelines. 
  3. Recommended to use hand sanitizer upon entering the park
  4. Encouraged to bring their own sanitizing wipes for restroom/personal cleanliness. 


  1. Proactively monitor their own and anyone in their household’s health status. If anyone is not feeling well in family or has a temperature   they should not attend.
  2. Parents should consider limiting the number of family members who attend an event. 
  3. Responsible for water/sports drinks for their athletes in bottled format and making sure they are clearly marked/identified. 
  4. Maintain social distancing measures when entering, during games and leaving the venue. 
  5.  Recommend that all parents bring sanitizing wipes, sanitizer, and extra face masks. 


1. Always properly wear masks in between games while at the facility. Encouraged to follow social distancing guidelines.



  1.  Will always properly wear a mask. 
  2.  Umpire may wear disposable gloves if they wish. 
  3. Plate Umpire positioned deeper than normal to call balls & strikes or behind pitcher when needed.  
  4. Umpires will not handle any team equipment. 


  1. Base coaches must stay socially distant from a runner they wish to talk to during or after suspension of play. 
  2. Coaches holding defensive conference must stay on the home plate side of the pitcher’s circle and the player or players must be on the opposite of the pitcher’s circle maintaining the 6’ distance.  No more than 2 players along with the pitcher allowed. 
  3. Dugout Conduct: The number in the dugout dependent on the size of dugout, while maintaining social distance.
  4. Players are not allowed to leave dugout area to congratulate players when scoring or after home runs.
  5. 5.  Coaches meeting: 1 coach allowed for each team and must stay socially distant outside of each batter’s box when available
  6. Use of verbal exchang from safe distance when making  Lineup changes from the Coach to scorer and opposing team.
  7. Umpires do not handle equipment on the field during play  
  8. Umpire to coach and coach to umpire interaction must be socially distant. 
  9. Make sure catcher is socially distant from the plate when needing to dust off the plate. 
  10. Huddles off the field with Coaches and players need to maintain social distancing. 



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SVGS Spirit Wear - Sports Design


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