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SVGS Board Meeting

Scotts Valley Girls Softball

2019/2020 Season

Meeting Notes


August 26th 6pm meeting called to order at 6:05pm


In Attendance:  Kelly Weaver, Jeff Liebenberg, Diane Brown, Ed Poston, Dan Underwood, Lisa Kurle, Marr Kurle, Cheree Alvarez


1. End of season recap: It is proposed by Ed & Dan that we reinstate Ponytail Allstars due to popular demand.  We will vote at the Jan 6th meeting on this. Practices after season began were a problem need to address with the coachs at the draft. It is asked that we avoid Thursday game nights so it does not conflict with High school games due to umpiring conflicts.   

2.  Snack bar:  Maria Gauthier will run this again for 2020, it is recommended that high school softball players help in the snack bar this year Diane Brown will help with this. Jeff recommends that we purchase an I Pad for the snack shack so we can take the square. (we will vote on Jan 6th)

3.  Scheduling: Maria Gauthier

4.  Pictures: Lisa Kurle will handle with Amber (picture lady) but please do not announce a makeup day.  Lets get everyone done on opening day.

5.  Uniforms:  Cheree Alvarez will handle with Sports Design checking on t-shirts vs Dryfit .

6.  Sponsors: Cheree Alvarez will help coordinate (need an assistant too)

7.  Trophies: Kelly Weaver will order

8.  Accounting: Our Balances as of today (see attached) 25K is allotted for the new Senior / Adult backstop

9.  Trouble Jeff Liebenberg & Diane Brown will run the Trouble program as co-directors under the SVGS umbrella. We need to update the SVGS site to include Trouble. We need someone for this project.

10. ASC Tournament: The tournament will be May 29-31 if available if not the weekend of June 13th.

11. Placement Clinic :the placement clinic will be January 25th 9am for Junior & Senior players.Pitching portion will be determined at our January 6th meeting.

12. Opening Day 2020 will be on March 7th


New Business:

We need someone to help with the website & Do Jiggy website for Hit A thon Maria do you have the Hit a thon sheets? - Yes I have the sheets.



501c3 Board of Directors:

Kelly Weaver President

Jeff Liebenberg Treasurer

Ed Poston Secretary


Jeff Liebenberg co director Trouble Fastpitch

Diane Brown co director Trouble Fastpitch

Ed Poston Director of Umpires

Dan Underwood Director of Coach’s

Maria Gauthier: Director of Snack Bar / Do Jiggy / Website / Scheduling

Lisa & Matt Kurle: Directors of Opening Day / field Maintenance / equipment 

Cheree Alvarez: Trouble coordinator / Sponsors / Uniforms



Next meeting January 6th  2020 Vine Hill Rec Room 7pm.

Meeting adjourned 8:45pm