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SVGS Placement Clinic & Draft

Juniors Placement Clinic

League representative will soft toss to players (in alpha numeric number A-Z)

All players get 3 tosses and run to 1st base on the last swing

All players are hit 3 ground balls at shortstop throwing to 1st base & 2 fly balls at shortstop then throwing home ( in alpha numeric  (Z-A)

We will evaluate any pitchers after they complete the above (independent evaluator 3-5 pitches) in the Junior batting cage area.

Seniors Placement Clinic

Pitching machine set up:  5 pitch’s   bunt 2, hit 3 run to 1st base on last swing (alpha numeric A-Z)

3 ground balls at short stop throwing to 1st base & 2 fly balls at shortstop and throwing to home (alpha numeric Z-A)

Pitching evaluations in 1st base side cage (independent evaluator 3-5 pitches)

*In the event of consecutive weekend rainouts a blind draft will happen eliminating the placement clinic.

Draft Procedures

* All teams will start with 2 players (Coach child & assistant coach child )  in the event that a team  has a non-parent or no assistant has been assigned that team will have an additional pick in the 3rd  draft round.

* The draft order will be random selection by drawing of numbers.

* The draft will run in a serpentine format.

* Players not in attendance at Placement clinic will be included in draft process and evaluated on previous experience (if available) and rated by coaches and SVGS Board of Directors collectively.  (This will occur prior to draft commencing)

* Any players signing up to play after the draft has been completed will be placed on a teams in order of sign up based on draft order .

*Practice days & times will be selected at completion of draft as well as team color.