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Scotts Valley Girls Softball

Player’s Code of Conduct


I will treat my parents, teammates and coaches with respect.

• I will treat other players the way I want them to treat me.

• I promise to always do my best and give 100% effort to my team.

• I will call my coach if I can’t come to a game or practice.

• I will be a good sport before, during and after games and practices. • I will offer encouragement to my teammates.

• I will not argue with any calls made by the coaches and umpires.

• I will pay attention during practices, and will try to follow instructions. • I will never tease players on the other team.

• I will bring a water bottle to practices and games and I will be responsible for remembering to take home any equipment and clothing that I bring with me.

• I will not get mad if I strike out or make an error. I will be doing my best and I understand that these things are a part of the game.

• I will never pick up or swing a bat unless the coach tells me to. I know that on-deck batters are not allowed to swing the bat.

• I will have respect for the equipment that we use.

• At all times I will remember that softball is only a game, and the object is to have fun!