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Parent’s code of conduct

• I understand that the coaches and umpires are volunteers and I pledge to never undermine their authority on the field.

• I will offer encouragement to the players on both teams.

• I understand that this is a recreational league, and that the object is for my child to gain an understanding of the game, improve their skills and learn about good sportsmanship.

• I promise to give my child’s Head Coach as much notice as possible if my child will be unable to attend a game or practice. I understand that even short notice is better than no notice.

• I understand the importance that the league places on sportsmanship, and will strive to support that position.

• I know that smoking is not permitted on the field or in the stands.

• I will not argue any call made by the Umpire.

• I will treat others the same way that I wish to be treated.

• I understand that if I fail to practice good sportsmanship, that I may be ejected from the fields, and that my child may also be banned from playing in the league.