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All SVGS divisions are based upon general ASA rules. 
Because of time constraints and safety issues, Scotts Valley Girls' Softball has added rules specific to this age group.

T-Ball (100% Instructional) Grade level: K-1st* 


• Games should be played a minimum of 60 minutes in duration.  No new inning may start after 75 minutes.

• Batting helmet must have face guards, defensive masks are not required

• All girls bat each inning, regardless of the number of outs made

• Wood or aluminum bats are allowed
• On deck swinging is NOT allowed
• Coaches may pitch to the girls or they may hit off the tee
• If the coach pitches, he/she is to go to the mound with 3 balls in hand. If the batter does not hit any of the 3 pitches, she must then complete the at bat with a batting tee. A fourth pitch is allowed if the third pitch is fouled off

• Warn a player once if she throws the bat. If she throws it a second time, she is out.

• Stress safety and fundamentals
• Place girls in traditional positions - Outfielders should be in the outfield, not just behind the base path.    Infielders should play back towards their base. Please do not "play in" and crowd the batter.
• If a team has more than 10 players, that team may place extra players in the outfield
• Defensive coaches may stand behind outfield players to help instruct.
• Batter may take 2 bases on extra base hits ONLY! In other words, most runners and the batter should only   advance one base at a time

  • At the conclusion of the line-up, the last batter and current base runners should only advance to the deserving base. Base-runners and batter should not continue running and all cross home plate.  The inning is complete and all players on base should return to the bench to retrieve their gloves and take the field for the start of the next inning.  

• In the spirit of good sportsmanship, no negative chanting or noise makers (cow bell etc) are allowed
• If a player is put out, she must join her teammates on the bench


* Players may play up a grade level upon approval by league administration, but may not play down a grade level.