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All SVGS divisions are based upon general ASA rules. 
Because of time constraints and safety issues, Scotts Valley Girls' Softball has added rules specific to this age group.


Ponytail - Grade level: 2nd-3rd*

• 10 defensive players are allowed - 4 outfielders

• Minimum number of players is 8 - game must be played.

• All players bat in the line-up

• Batting helmet must have face guards, defensive masks are not required

• No one player may play more than 2 innings at either pitcher or first base (combined) per game

• Pitchers may only pitch 2 innings per game

• One pitch thrown in an inning constitutes an inning

• On deck swinging is NOT allowed
• Each girl gets five pitches (3 from pitcher, 2 from coach) unless the last pitch is fouled off, In which case she gets another pitch until she hits it fair or strikes out

• Bunting is not allowed
• On an extra base hit, runners not yet half way to the next base when "any infielder" has control of the ball, must return to the last base. After Spring Break the rule will change to when the "pitcher" has control of the ball in the circle.

• Maximum of 5 runs per team per inning
• In the spirit of good sportsmanship, no negative chanting or noise makers (cow bell etc) are allowed
• No chanting allowed once Pitcher is set

• No inning may start after 75 minutes of play, unless the game is tied
• International tie breaking rule is in effect for each game.

• End of the season standings are based on win loss records.  If there is a tie, first tie breaker is "head-to-head" play, if there is still a tie the teams will be ranked according to fewest runs allowed (RA).




* Players may play up a grade level upon approval by league administration, but may not play down a grade level.