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All SVGS divisions are based upon general ASA rules. 
Because of time constraints and safety issues, Scotts Valley Girls' Softball has added rules specific to this age group.

Juniors - Grade level: 4th-5th*


• 10 defensive players are allowed - 4 outfielders 

• Minimum number of players is 8 - game must be played.

• All players bat in the line-up

• Batting helmet must have face guards, defensive masks are not required

• Pitchers can only pitch 2 innings per game

• Pitcher may re-enter once

• One pitch thrown in an inning constitutes an inning

• On deck swinging is NOT allowed

• Runners must slide to avoid contact

If a girl is hit by a pitch, we will go straight to coach pitch. 

• Stealing is allowed on pitcher's release, Only three steals per team, per inning 

• If ball four is called, a batter is given one pitch from her coach. If fouled, she gets another.

• Bunting is allowed off of pitchers, not coaches

• On overthrows past first base, the runners are allowed to only take one base at their own risk

• The infield fly rule in not in effect 

• Maximum of 5 runs per team per inning

• In the spirit of good sportsmanship, negative chanting or noise makers (cow bells etc.) are NOT allowed

• No chanting allowed once Pitcher is set

• No strike 3 dropped ball rule

• No inning may start after 75 minutes of play, unless the game is tied

• International tie breaking rule is in effect for each game

• End of the season standings are based on win loss records.  If there is a tie, first tie breaker is "head-to-head" play, if there is still a tie the teams will be ranked according to fewest runs allowed (RA).

* 7 players in the field will constitute a legal game


* Players may play up a grade level upon approval by league administration, but may not play down a grade level.